Install Library

Provides quick instructions on installing rlib

This section tries to lay out the process of installing rlib and your new gmodstore addon, without using multiple pages to explain the steps. Try this first as this may be all you need.

◾ Install rlib

  • Go to and download the latest version of rlib.

  • Extract the downloaded zip to your computer

  • Create a new folder on your gmod server called rlib

    • Example: garrysmod/addons/rlib/

  • Upload the extracted rlib zip files to the newly created folder.

    • Ensure you are uploading the files to match the following file structure:

📁 garrysmod 📁 addons 📁 rlib 📁 lua 📁 materials 📁 resource

  • Restart the server

  • As the server restarts, view the console for errors.

    • If you see errors, contact the developer with a list of them.

    • If you do not see errors, proceed forward

  • Connect to your gmod server and spawn in.

  • Make sure you have superadmin access on the server. If you are using an admin mod; do one of the following sub-points below:

    • ULX: In server console; type ulx adduser yourname superadmin

  • Once you have superadmin; type ?setup in chat.

  • You have completed the setup. Proceed to the Install Addon section.

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