This is a detailed changelog for the specified release above.

◾ Minified Release

Various aspects of rlib have been removed which are classified as non-essential features. A secondary build of rlib has been released which contains these advanced features; known as rlib legacy.

◾ SAM Admin Mod Dropdown Element

The SAM admin mod has been given a new dropdown element which is used throughout various scripts that utilize rlib.

Location: lua\sam\command\arguments\dropdown.lua

◾ uclass.setup( ) : Added New Action PANEL:Fonts( )

Fonts can now be loaded using the PANEL:Fonts() function.

◾ Language Selection Default

If server owner has multiple rlib scripts, however only translates one to a certain language; after player has selected language, any strings not translated will default to English instead of returning the string value.

◾ Removed Double Fonts

Any scripts supporting rlib now have their fonts stored via the rlib download / workshop. All script specific workshops have had fonts removed; dramatically reducing the server mount sizes.

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