Install Addon

Provides quick instructions on installing addons compatible with rlib

◾ Install addon

  • Go to and download a fresh copy of your purchased script.

  • Extract the download zip to your computer

  • Create a new folder on your gmod server called the name of the addon

    • Make sure the folder name contains NO SPACES, NO SPECIAL CHARACTERS, and NO CAPS

    • Example: garrysmod/addons/addon_name

  • Upload the extracted addon files to the newly created folder

    • Ensure you are uploading the files to match the following file structure:

📁 garrysmod 📁 addons 📁 addon_name 📁 lua 📁 materials 📁 resource

  • Restart the server

  • As the server restarts, view the console for errors.

    • If you see errors, contact the developer with a list of them.

    • If you do not see errors, proceed forward

  • Try to activate your addon.

    • MOTDs: Type !motd in chat

    • HUDs: Should load automatically when you join the server

    • Escape Screens: Press escape when loaded into server

    • F4 Menus: Press F4

    • View the How to Activate page for each addon by going to the Supported Addons page.

  • If you see the script actively working, then you are finished with the setup.

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